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Making Your Life Easier

Environmental abatement projects can seem daunting to those in charge of a property. Sometimes they stand alone, and sometimes they are part of a larger renovation. These projects can add up and the stress of the property manager to meet deadlines and work with many vendors can grow. At GCS, we are focused on getting our portion of the project done on time and correctly, leaving your building in top shape when we are done.

We're here to make your life easier and give you peace of mind while we improve your building.

We always have our customers' safety and protection in mind. In the environmental contracting business, part of that is to protect the long-term liability of our clients. Therefore, we keep detailed logs on each project to provide documentation of the work performed.

At the completion of each project, a project manual is provided to the property owner. The project manual documents the work performed, describes how the personnel working on the project were properly trained and licensed, and demonstrates compliance with applicable regulations and proper decontamination.

The way we tackle projects, stay on schedule, and clean up after makes life easier for our customers.