General Construction Services

GCS Advantages

Where You Need Us

Our quality and compliance adherence at GCS enables us to work where others cannot. From doing work at military buildings, to government agencies, to large corporations, all of our workers follow a strict code of compliance.

Our experience in and understanding of working in sensitive industries and enables us to work where you need us most.

Regulatory Compliance:

The environmental contracting business is regulated by a number of different government entities. Our management staff stays in contact with state and federal regulatory agencies and keeps a close eye on regulatory publications. We keep up up with changes and adapt to them as necessary. All of our staff stays informed of changing regulations and adheres to them.

Quality Control:
We take great measures to ensure that each job is done safely and is finished in it's entirety, down to the last detail. We inspect each work site at the project's completion to ensure that the area has been fully decontaminated. Our staff is fully trained to provide in-house air monitoring during projects to maintain the health and safety of others in the building. We can also utilize a third party testing firm to conduct final testing if required by the customer.