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Has your work day ever been disrupted by building renovations?

Efficiency of Operations

we know what needs to be done

This job required us to repair and rebuild a sewer and storm drain pipe for a major utility company. We begin all jobs with a thorough knowledge of what needs to be done, agreed upon by the customer, other contractors, and our project managers. We are also very much aware of  possible pit - falls and the need to have the capacity and capability to change as circumstances change.  This was the case in this job.

Difficult Work

The challenging aspects of this job were not necessarily found in the original job plan, but the surprises along the way. We uncovered an old water pipe not in the building plans that was struck and burst. The old sewer line, expected to be made of iron, was made of clay and leaking raw sewage. These and other problems presented opportunities for us to show the customer that we know what needed to be done.

Done Right

Because of these and other unexpected difficulties, additional crews were assigned to the contract in order to remain on the original job schedule. We replaced the old clay pipes with new PVC pipes, capped off older pipes that needed to be sealed, and repaired cavities in the ground to make it stable again.

View the slideshow below to see pictures of this difficult work done right.