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Efficiency of Operations

We Are Up To Your Standards

This story is a compilation of various projects for a utility company. We take pride in doing work that builds trust in our customers. The most fulfilling compliment we can receive is when a customer asks us to do another round of work.

Difficult Work
The projects for this customer consisted of the removal of lead based painted piping and asbestos contaminated materials in the water plants. GCS was responsible for removing the lead based painted materials and asbestos contaminated materials while the water plants were still in operation. As part of the projects GCS was responsible for building tunnels throughout the containment areas to maintain the customer's employee access to all vital areas of the water plant.

Done Right
GCS was required by the client to complete the water plant & multiple projects while maintaining a very high quality of workmanship. Our work performance for 2008 was so exceptional that we were awarded the Environmental Abatement Services Contract for the following year and were nominated and were presented with an award for our excellent cooperation and performance