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Do you know if there is asbestos in your building?

Health Conscious

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An older office building can be a gorgeous environment to work in. However, as we learn more about our environment, or as needs changes to make buildings more efficient changes become necessary or even mandatory.

This building has been a staple in one city's downtown skyline for years. In this job, we transformed the building into a safer, modern and more efficient work space.

Difficult Work
The difficulty with this project was that the building needed to stay open and fully functioning throughout the contract, each stage of the contract had to be completed within 90 days and our part of the contract could only take 30 days to complete. 

Done Right
Our team has many years of experience of removing asbestos in buildings that remain occupied while we work. Consequently we executed a trusted methodology by implementing a program of containment, which included the sealing of ducts, creating separate access, and areas and times for safe disposal in a busy downtown areas, educating building occupants and working closely with associated trades. All the time producing, and acting, and being seen to be acting in a safe, compliant manner and producing exemplary work.
Our entire team understands the consequences of not doing this entirely correctly and the possible consequences to the health of occupants, the efficiency of building operations, the possible negative effect to public relations  and the possible cost of damage to equipment and records. .