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Have you been delaying a renovation because of asbestos?

Health Conscious

We're Invested In Your Health

The main focus of this project was to remove asbestos from a 9-story dormitory building at a major public university before it could be imploded and demolished. It is vital to the health and safety of everyone in the area to properly remove all asbestos from a structure before you disturb it for remodeling, construction, or demolition (implosion) purposes.

Difficult Work

This building was imploded by the University shortly after the abatement project was finished. Each 10,000 square foot floor had asbestos containing textured ceiling material, pipe insulation, drywall materials, HVAC equipment insulation, floor tile and floor tile mastic had to be abated plus mechanical insulation in each of the two basement areas.

Done Right
GCS was chosen by the design and oversight consultant based upon our reputation for quality work, the experience of our project managers, the need for an expedited abatement project and our prior work experience with the University.