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Has your work day ever been disrupted by building renovations?

While You Work

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Our work at The White House involved removal of asbestos containing duct insulation and pipe insulation in an occupied and secured facility. Because of the high profile nature of this job, we had to work with the utmost integrity and professionalism. We worked hard to not disturb the daily routine of those working at The White House. 

Difficult Work
The project involved demolition to access the duct and pipes and demolition of the ducts after abatement. This project had to be completed in multiple phases with very critical time schedules to work around the security and clearance requirements of the Secret Service and travel schedule of The President.

Done Right
Most of the key employees involved in this project are still employed at GCS including the project manager and all senior level management. After the work was done, we received this letter from The White House:

"Please accept this card as an appreciation of the outstanding effort that you have provided to the White House, particularly during the past year. As you know, projects here have very unique requirements; the knowledge, skills, and sensitivity you have demonstrated have allowed even the most difficult of projects to be feasible and successful."
                                                                                 - The White House