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Has your work day ever been disrupted by building renovations?

While You Work

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For this job with a utility company, we needed to safely remove toxic materials and build a new containment area for the customer. We had to demolish the old containment area where the company stored Poly-Chlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) that were present in older equipment. We then had to rebuild a safer, new containment area while minimally disrupting the work day of build employees.

Difficult Work

PCBs are stable toxic compounds that do not decompose easily. Their destruction is extremely difficult, and requires great care and expertise to avoid further environmental contamination and health risks. Our team had to safely destroy the old PCB containment area, properly dispose of the toxic waste, and construct a new containment area that will be safe for years to come. In addition to avoiding toxic risks and building an effective new containment area, this job needed to be done in a way that did not disrupt workers' daily schedule in the building.

Done Right
We first decided to conduct this job after work hours for minimal worker disruption. We then built an 8 foot wall around the containment site and created a negative pressure seal to keep contaminates safely contained as we worked.

We then sanded and broke up the top layer of contaminated concrete. We methodically drilled holes and created cracks to anchor new concrete poured in the new area. All contaminated concrete, debris, and other waste was carefully disposed of as regulated hazardous waste.

We sealed the cracks, double primed the new exposed surface, and poured a new layer of polymer concrete. Our crew then applied two coats of chemical resistant epoxy floor coating. The finished result was a new, safe PCB containment area for the company and it's workers to use.

View the slideshow for step-by-step pictures of the difficult work done right by GCS.