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Lead Paint Removal

The environmental dangers of lead first came to the fore in the late 1960's with the health effects associated with standard gasoline. Then in the 1970's the effects of lead based coatings upon children resulted in the 1978 legislation covering  residential properties and schools etc.Then in the early 1990's the problems of lead based coatings were further addressed with OSHA regulations covering workers engaged in hot work to and demolition of  structures. coated with lead.

Properly removing lead paint not only adds value to structures and buildings. It also creates a healthier workplace for the employees, maintenance workers and contractors who work there.

We employ several optimal methods of lead paint removal depending upon the structure, however, what remains constant is our commitment to the health of those in and around the structure, during our work and for years after we leave.

We care about removing lead paint correctly with a strong commitment to the integrity of the structures and the health of the adjacent environment.

From the methods we use to remove the lead paint, to the way we dispose of the waste we remove, to the way we leave the building, we are committed to your health. The standard of cleanliness of our job sites when we leave is second to none.